How to Keep Your Air Conditioner in Tip-Top Shape

The general consensus among HVAC professionals is that customers should repair their air conditioners once a year. It's recommended that you check your home's air conditioning system at least once a year, as well as the heating system. While it's always a good idea to check and clean your air conditioner regularly throughout the year to ensure that the system is running smoothly, it's essential to make an appointment for air conditioning service once a year. Some types of filters are reusable; others must be replaced.

They are available in a variety of types and efficiencies. Clean or replace the filter or filters in your air conditioner every one to two months during the cooling season. Filters may need more frequent care if the air conditioner is used constantly, is exposed to dusty conditions, or if you have furry pets in the house. A general rule of thumb is to clean or replace filters once a month during the season of use.

If you only use the air conditioner once in a while, you might be able to do it every other month, but it's best to get in the habit of doing so on the first day of each month. In addition to the annual air conditioner maintenance appointment, you should provide your air conditioner with additional maintenance throughout the year. This includes checking coolant levels and looking for leaks, inspecting electrical connections, checking the condition of belts, inspecting ducts, and cleaning coils. Condensation drains tend to clog up in spring and fall, when air conditioners operate less frequently. If you encounter any problems with your air conditioner that require professional attention, such as if it doesn't reduce the indoor temperature to a comfortable level, hire a professional service technician.

All parts of the air conditioner, from the fan to the condenser to the ducts, will be inspected.

How Often Should You Service Your Air Conditioner?

Well, like anything else, your air conditioning unit also needs a little regular care, especially before the hot summer months hit. While there are many factors that affect the lifespan of a home air conditioning system, in general, a good air conditioning unit lasts between 10 and 15 years. Jacobs Heating & Air Conditioning offers seasonal specials which can save you money on maintenance and repairs. To keep your air conditioner running smoothly and efficiently for years to come, it's important to provide regular maintenance and upkeep. The filters, coils, and flaps of an air conditioner require regular maintenance for the unit to operate effectively and efficiently during its years of service.

Tips for Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

Here are some tips for keeping your air conditioner in tip-top shape:
  • Check coolant levels and look for leaks.
  • Inspect electrical connections.
  • Check the condition of belts.
  • Inspect ducts.
  • Clean coils.
  • Clean or replace filters every one to two months.
  • Schedule an annual maintenance appointment.
By following these tips and scheduling regular maintenance appointments with an HVAC professional, you can ensure that your air conditioner will last for many years to come.

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