Can You Add Air Conditioning to Any House?

It is possible to add air conditioning to an older home, but it can be quite costly and require some modifications to the house. If your home already has an air duct system in place, adding central air can be much easier and less expensive. Technicians will inspect existing ducts to make sure they are properly sealed and able to circulate air around the house efficiently. A high-speed air conditioning system is a great option for modernizing the air conditioner in any home.

These systems provide cold air through two flexible ducts that are designed and manufactured to fit your existing structure. Unlike traditional air conditioning systems, there are no large, unsightly ducts. The compact air controller can be easily installed in attics, basements, tight spaces, or even closets. No matter the age or construction of your home, high-speed systems can fit into just about any space. When deciding what type of air conditioning solution is best for your older home, there are a few factors to consider.

You need a unit for every conditioned space and therefore you have several zones throughout the house that may be more efficient than the all-or-nothing approach you get with central air conditioning. If you have an old central air conditioning system or forced air heating, your contractor can connect new air conditioning equipment to the ducts that already exist inside the walls and floors of your home. By cleaning the air as it passes through the system, you'll reduce pollen and dust in the indoor air and help keep the inner workings of your air conditioning equipment clean and efficient. Reducing the size of the air conditioning unit can cause your home to never reach the cold temperatures you are looking for and the system to work almost constantly. It's a costly and timely task, but a central air conditioning system controls the entire house's climate and offers greater efficiency, which can mean a payback in your pocket.

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